Bathroom waterproofing
A waterproofed shower recess
Why is waterproofing so important in my bathroom?

You may not think about it when you start your bathroom renovation journey, but waterproofing is extremely important to consider.  It is the bathroom equivalent of a solid foundation for your new house.  For a wet area to be both functional and long-lasting, it is necessary to create an impermeable barrier between the structural components of your bathroom, and the water that will inevitably be splashed about.

If a wet area has not been properly sealed, the consequences may not be immediately apparent. But when the signs do begin to appear, they can be expensive to fix and cause much inconvenience and heartache.

How can I ensure my bathroom waterproofing will last the distance?

To ensure that your waterproofing won’t fail and leave you with a sodden bathroom and an empty wallet, you should only ever work with licensed and qualified contractors.  We at Brisbane Bathroom Renovations are fastidious about waterproofing our bathrooms.  We are fully licensed and personally install the waterproofing at each of our projects.  To date, we have renovated and waterproofed more than 1,000 bathrooms over a period of 15 years in the Brisbane region.

We use high quality polyurethane waterproofing products, which we source from a local supplier.  We avoid water-based acrylic products which can break down over time.  All our work confirms to Australian Standard 3740-1994.

To see some examples of our amazing bathroom renovations, all waterproofed with great care and pride by our team, check out our bathroom gallery here!

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